Classic Ducati Motorcycles

White Elephant

After years of longing, Editor Backus pulls the trigger on another Italian project.

Humble Beginnings: Ducati 60

An eBay addiction proves fruitful when collector Dave Ryan snatches the apple of his eye, the Ducati 60, Ducati’s first real motorcycle badged as such.

Vee Two Hailwood Replica: Remembering Mike the Bike

Vee Two Australia is building 12 perfect replicas of Mike “The Bike” Hailwood’s epic 1978 TT-winning Ducati. Alan Cathcart rides and reports.

Miniature Marvel: Inside the Ducati 125cc GP Four

Giancarlo Morbidelli locates a Ducati 125cc GP four prototype’s missing pieces and painstakingly restores it to original condition.

Deviant Desmo: 1993 Ducati M900 Monster

A look back at Alan Cathcart’s test of the first Ducati Monster, the M900, in Italy in 1993.

Galluzzi's Big Gamble: 1993-1999 Ducati M900 Monster

Comparing the Ducati M900 Monster with its primary competitors, the Honda Hawk GT NT650 and the BMW R100R.

Vee Two USA Debuts Hailwood Replica

Taking 18 months to create, the Vee Two Hailwood replica is “probably more perfect than the original.”

Seventies Child Born in the Eighties: Ducati 750 F1

It may have been built in the Eighties, but Ducati’s great 750 F1 was a child of the Seventies and one of the best sport bikes ever made.

Z-stripe: 1972 Ducati 750 Sport

A very early and rare Ducati 750 Sport, restored to an impeccably high level.

Italian Job: 1963 Ducati 350

Built in California by racer Frank Scurria, a Ducati 350 began life as a Ducati 175 single in a 125 F3 frame.

30-Year Wonder: 1987 Ducati 851S

Thirty years after its introduction, Ducati’s game-changing 4-valve, liquid-cooled 851 is an icon.

Old Blue: The Daytona-Winning Ducati

The story of Cook Neilson, Phil Schilling and their epic 1977 Daytona 200-winning Ducati, nicknamed Old Blue.

Two Much Trouble: Ducati's Parallel-Twin Engines

A history of the parallel-twin engine saga in Bologna.

No Trespassing: 1977 Ducati 900SS

Found in Texas and rebuilt in Wisconsin, the restoration of this once-crusty 1977 Ducati 900SS is impressive.

Transformation: 1975 Ducati 860 GTE

Marty Dickerson has owned several Ducati 860s over the years; now his last one lives again.

Ghost in the Machine: The Ducati Utah Prototype

The Ducati museum digs out a forgotten Ducati Utah prototype, unseen for some 40 years, just for these photos.

1979 Ducati 950 F1

This 1979 Ducati 950 F1 was one of hundreds of classic motorcycles at the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum in Birmingham, Alabama.

Riding Through Arches National Park on a 1978 Ducati Darmah 900

Reader Craig Light and his 1978 Ducati Darmah 900 take a road trip from Georgia to the Pacific Coast Highway.

Ted Clough's 1966 Ducati Monza Turned Super Sport Replica

Reader Ted Clough rescues a 1966 Ducati Monza and transforms it into a nice-looking special.

To the Victor Go the Spoils: The Ducati Imola 750

The Ducati Imola 750 and its victory at the 1972 Imola 200 paved the way for its company's success.

Taglioni’s First Twin: 1973 Ducati 750GT

The Ducati 750GT was created to help its maker survive the Seventies.

Ace Underdog: Vincensi Ducati 900SS Superbike

Transforming a Ducati 900SS from a street demo into a Superbike.

Back to the Future: 2015 Ducati Scrambler

The new 2015 Ducati Scrambler draws inspiration from earlier Scramblers.

1981 Ducati Pantah 500SL

Darmah Dave and his 1981 Ducati Pantah 500SL.

Improving on Excellence: Cameron Jones’ 1980 Ducati 900SS

A restoration elevates this 1980 Ducati 900SS from a flawed masterpiece to something approaching perfection.

Ducati Hydraulic Clutch Conversion Kits

New stuff for old bikes: Hydraulic clutch conversion kits for bevel drive Ducati Twins from Bevel Heaven.

Racing Improves the Breed: 1973 Ducati 750 Imola Racer

Alan Cathcart rides the 1973 Ducati 750 Imola, the follow-up to Paul Smart’s 1972 Imola-winning racer.

1979 Ducati 900SS

A 1979 Ducati 900SS on display with other classic motorcycles at the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum in Leeds, Alabama.

Moreparts Ducati 750SS

Alan Cathcart rides Mike Hailwood’s Moreparts Ducati 750SS, which Mike and Jim Scaysbrook rode in the 1977 Castrol Six hour.

Ducafé to Go: A 1984 Cagiva Alazzurra 350T, Reimagined

A 1984 Cagiva Alazzurra gets a new life as the Ducafé, a bike that would be right at home at the Salt Flats.

1982 Ducati Darmah

A 1982 Ducati Darmah on display with other classic motorcycles at the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum in Leeds, Alabama.

Ducati 350 Mark 3 Desmo

Desmodromic valve actuation came to the street in 1967 with the Ducati 350 Mark 3 Desmo.

Ducati Motorcycles at the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance

A field of 18 rare and significant Ducatis will appear at the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance on March 10, 2013, led by the seminal “Cucciolo” that, in 1946, began Ducati’s rise to the pinnacle of motorcycle excellence and success.

Imola 200 Revival: Reliving Ducati's Greatest Day

Forty years later, Ducati fans gather for the Imola 200 to celebrate the race and the track that sealed Ducati’s future. 

Mike Hailwood Replica: 1985 Ducati MHR Mille

Ducati built more than 7,000 MHRs, making it the most numerous of all the bevel-drive twin models.

A Satisfied Mind: Phil Schilling’s 1959 Ducati 175 F3

The Ducati 175 F3, the bike with the funny front brake, inspired a man who inspired us all.

The Last Ride: Mick Walker

Mick Walker, author of more than 130 motorcycle books, passed away at the age of 70 after battling cancer.

1969 Ducati 450 Jupiter Scrambler

Steve Panofsky jumped at a second chance to own a 1969 Ducati 450 Jupiter Scrambler, the bike of his youth, and he’s never going to let this one go.

Ducati 900GTS to XR900

One man’s transformation of a Ducati 900GTS parts bike into a sweet flat tracker dubbed the Ducati XR900.

Ducati Parts Heaven

Parting Shots: Ian Gowanloch’s hoard of Ducati parts

Tamburini’s Dream Machine: The Ducati Paso 750

Tomorrow’s Classics: 1986-1988 Ducati Paso 750.

The Last Ducati 900SS Was the Best

Of all the Ducati SS variants, the last-of-the-line 1982 Ducati 900SS model may have been the best.

1965 Ducati 160 Monza Jr.

1965 Ducati 160 Monza Jr. on display at the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum in Leeds, Alabama.

1975 Ducati 860 GT

Weird but wonderful, the angular Ducati 860 GT is perhaps the last affordable classic Ducati.

Robert Westercamp's Pair of Ducatis

Robert Westercamp's 1962 Ducati Diana Cafe Racer and 1971 Ducati 350 Silver Shotgun.

The Iconic Ducati 750 Sport

Wisconsinite Jim Fitzgerald’s relationship with his 1973 Ducati 750 Sport was sparked by his youth.

Fritz Doernberger's Ducati Silver Shotgun

Fritz Doernberger discusses owning and riding his Ducati Silver Shotgun.

Found on eBay: 1974 Ducati 750 Super Sport

Though we often feature fun and affordable bikes, this week we came across an auction that we just had to share. No, your eyes aren't lying to you. That really is a green-frame Ducati 750 Super Sport, and yes, it really is for sale. But boy is the price a stunner.  

Found on eBay: 1975 Ducati 860 GT

Though eBay is full of interesting and unusual motorcycles, I can't remember the last time I saw a Ducati 860 GT for sale. Though this one isn't perfect, if you're a fan of the love-it-or-hate-it styling, this Duc may be for you.  

Ducati Regolarità 125

Alan Cathcart road tests the Ducati Regolarità 125 - one classic motorcycle that Ducati wishes you never saw.

Found on eBay: 1978 Ducati 900SS

It didn’t take us much time wandering around on eBay today to come up with this one. Once we found this original, ridden-but-loved 900SS, we stopped searching.

Custom Ducati 900 GTS

Rene Waters' love of café racer bikes led him to purchase a beat up 1978 Ducati 900GTS and turn it into a beautiful custom Ducati motorcycle.

Found on eBay: 1980 Ducati 900 Super Sport Desmo Darmah

Here's a bike that's unusual enough that we had to go dig out the reference books to figure out exactly what it was. Yes, this looks like a cross between a Ducati Darmah and a 900 Super Sport, and that's because it basically is.

The Ducati Indiana

In spite of the name on the gas tank, the Ducati Indiana was not, in fact, built by Ducati, but by Cagiva.

1982 Ducati MHR

Even with over 7,000 made, a Ducati MHR in good condition commands a high price.

Mike Hailwood's Ducati 900TT1 Racer

Alan Cathcart rides history on wheels, Mike Hailwood's Ducati 900TT1 racer

1971 Ducati Silver Shotgun

Big blasts from the small Ducati Silver Shotgun

Ducati Apollo

Alan Cathcart road tests the Ducati Apollo - a failed Italian attempt at a Harley-style cruiser for the American market.  

Easy Rider on a 1966 Ducati Monza 250

This picture was taken in the fall of 1969. The bike is a 1966 Ducati Monza 250, and it was my first “real” motorcycle.

Cook Neilson Ducati 750 SS Replica

"Old Blue," Cook Neilson and Phil Schilling’s 1977 Daytona-winning Ducati 700 SS, is reborn.

Sammy Miller's Flying Ducati 900 SS

 Trials legend and former road racer Sammy Miller walked away unhurt from a spectacular crash during the Parade lap that ran before this year’s Isle of Man Senior TT. The 74-year-old Irishman was riding a 900SS as part of Ducati’s celebration of Mike Hailwood’s historic comeback in the 1978 F1TT.

Found on eBay: 1974 Ducati GT750

Though we like to feature a variety of great old bikes (and not just Ducatis), this very original Ducati GT750 was just too nice not to share. Nice, original condition GT750 have never been very plentiful, and today they're becoming quite rare. It's also a great, rideable classic for the Italian bike nut.

The Ducati Superbike Concorso returns

After a great showing in its' first year, the Ducati's Superbike Concorso is back for another year. Consisting of five rounds of shows, each has a Grand prize trip to Italy to visit the Ducati factory and the Milan Motorcycle show as VIP guests, along with six other runner up prizes, the Concorso is both a gorgeous showing of great Ducati machinery from the past and present, and a chance for Ducatisti to compete for the trip of a lifetime.

Found on eBay: 1973 Ducati 450 Mark 3

Unrestored and in nice usable shape, this 1973 Ducati 450 looks like good clean fun to us.

Italian Battle: 1978 Moto Guzzi Le Mans vs. 1980 Ducati 900 SS

 Comparing the 1978 Moto Guzzi Le Mans with the 1980 Ducati 900 SS.

1978 Ducati Darmah

Motorcycle touring North Carolina Route 181 on a 1978 Ducati Darmah. 

Found on eBay: 1977 Ducati 900SS

Okay, so maybe we're just in the mood for a Ducati this week.

Ducati Superbike Concorso Returns for 2008

Do you have a Ducati Superbike you’d like to show off? Has that 1979 900SS you keep in perfect shape not been out on the road in awhile? Pull it out, polish it up and enter it in the Ducati Superbike Concorso, just like Chris Brown of New Mexico, owner of the beautiful 900SS you see here did last year.

The Ducati 200SS

Alan Chalke shares his 1959 Ducati 200SS, a maroon beauty called "The Jelly Mold" because of its oddly shaped fuel tank.

Ducati GT1000 Sport Classic

Ducati goes old school for a better future with the Sport Classic GT1000.

The Ducati 750 GT

The Bike that set Ducati's Course

The sound and the fury: celebrate the machines that changed the world!

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