Motorcycle Tools Accessories and Parts

CruzTOOLS and Pro Honda Oils and Chemicals

John reviews CruzTOOLS RoadTech M3 Tool Kit and Pro Honda Oils and Chemicals while repairing a Honda CL350 Scrambler.

Handee Clamp

The Handee Clamp helps with reaching nuts and bolts and other parts in difficult places.

Fire Power Releases Racing Motor Oils

The new motor oils offered by Fire Power offer the ultimate engine protection and wet clutch performance.

Battery Tender USB Charger by Deltran

This USB charger allows use of your bike’s battery power on the road and is suited for charging phones, GPS and other small devices.

Dupli-Color Vinyl and Fabric Coating by Speed Moto Co.

Use Dupli-Color coating on appropriate surfaces to transform your seats and dashboards.

Hot Shot Rotor by Rick’s Motorsport Electrics

The Hot Shot rotor from Rick’s works with Honda’s stock stator and is claimed to have more power and better battery life.

Geomax MX33 Tires by Dunlop

The newest tire from Dunlop, the Geomax MX33, was designed for soft to intermediate terrain but can hold its own in all kinds of conditions.

LED Headlight by Speed Moto

Are you looking to upgrade the headlight on your classic bike? This 4,000-lumen LED headlight might be what you’re looking for.

Castor 927 Oil by Maxima

Maxima’s Castor 927 delivers the lubrication needed for racing engines and the vintage racing smell.

Hot Shot Starter Motor by Rick's Motorsport Electrics

The Hot Shot starter motor for the Honda CB350 and CB360 comes with a modern design that allows it to produce more power than the original.

Old School Speed Rearsets

Rearset kits from Old School Speed includes mounts, offset levers, folding footpaegs, linkage arms and all necessary mounting hardware.

Kawasaki H1 Intake Manifold Adapter Kit by HVC Cycle

The new Kawasaki H1 Intake Manifold Adapter Kit allows riders to mount Mikuni VM round slide carburetors to their H1.

Compact Digital Voltmeter by Aerostich

This Compact Digital Voltmeter displays the charging rate of your motorcycle in real time. Just connect it to any circuit when your bike is running.

RE302 Shock Absorber by YSS

If you’re looking for a replacement for the stock Boge shock on your BMW K75 but the YSS MZ366 we reviewed is out of your price range, consider the YSS RE302.

Synthetic Fork Oil by Lucas Oil Products

Lucas’ 10w High Performance Synthetic Fork Oil is designed to prevent foaming and prevents seals from hardening.

PBR Tool by Motion Pro

The PBR Tool makes working on your motorcycle chain easier than ever with a changeable anvil block.

Spectro Shine Silicone Finish by Spectro Performance Oils

Use Spectro Shine on your bike to create a barrier and protect your bike’s finish from bugs, dirt, grease and more.

BORDO Big 6000 Lock by ABUS

The BORDO Big 6000 combines the security of a U-lock with the flexibility of a chain, and takes up less space than a cable lock when folded up.

Norton Commando Fork Seal Extension by Colorado Norton Works

A bushing/fork seal extension supplied by Colorado Norton Works aims to solve a problem commonly found on Norton Commando forks, and is easy to install.

Watsonian Sidecars by The Warkshop

The Warkshop offers a full line of sidecars including the Watsonian Squire Grand Prix, which can be attached to most classic and modern bikes.

Future Shock: Hyperpro 360, Ikon 3610 and YSS MZ366

We test three aftermarket shocks for the BMW K75: the Hyperpro 360, Ikon 3610 and YSS MZ366. Which ones would we recommend?

Parts Washer by TP Tools

The 5-liter bench-top parts washer is ideal for soaking small parts and features a removable bottom screen.

Sierra Dry Saddlebags by Nelson-Rigg

Completely waterproof, Sierra Dry Saddlebags feature aircraft-grade mounting hardware and hold 27.5 liters.

QuikTurn Steering Kit by Phil Little Racing

The QuikTurn Steering Kit reduces fork angle from 30 degrees to 27 degrees for quicker steering.

Cable Luber V3 by Motion Pro

New from Motion Pro, the Cable Luber V3 offers a cleaner, less wasteful alternative to the traditional control cable luber.

Valve Spring Kits by R/D Valve Springs

R/D Valve Springs out of California offers kits for British, Italian and Japanese motorcycles and also supplies individual parts.

Cylinder Plating by U.S. Chrome

U.S. Chrome offers cylinder plating for aluminum and cast iron barrels and piston skirt coatings that can prolong your piston life.

Racing Brake Fluid 600 by Spectro Oils

DOT 4 Racing Brake Fluid 600 has a high dry boiling point to avoid any fluid boiling problems created while racing.

K100 Fuel Treatment

K100 Fuel Treatment eliminates water and water-related problems, and also acts as a fuel stabilizer.

Norton Commando One-Piece Axles by Don Pender

Owners of early-1970s Norton Commandos will want to look into one-piece axles, which are more durable than the stock two-piece setups.

Yamaha XS650 Spoked Wheels by Revival Parts

The spoked mod kit for Yamaha XS650s allows for use of the original Yamaha caliper and stock location.

Sport Chock by Baxley

The Baxley Sport Chock keeps your sport bike or standard road bike steady and comes with a lifetime warranty.

KickMagic Pneumatic Starter by The Classic Bike Experience

Developed for Seventies Triumph oil-in-frame models, the KickMagic starter can be quickly removed and require no permanent modifications.

Keeping a Wheel Up: Wheel Jockey

Simple but handy, the Wheel Jockey is great for bikes without a centerstand and can easily fit inside a luggage bag.

Rapid Transit Recon 19 Tank Bag by Joe Rocket

Six magnets keep the Rapid Transit Recon 19 secure, and its slimmer profile makes it ideal for bikes with narrower tanks.

Ethanol Fuel Conditioner by Spectro Performance Oils

The Ethanol Fuel Conditioner will extend fuel life, allow for extended off-season storage and works with fuel systems in all 2-stroke and 4-stroke vehicles.

2-Stroke Crankshaft Services by Roy’s Rides

Roy’s Rides now offering 2-stroke crankshaft rebuilds with fewer shops offering the service.

Motorcycle Wash by Spectro Oils

Motorcycle Wash cleaner contains no petroleum solvents or harsh chemicals and is non-flammable.

Honda CB350 Rear Wheels by Dime City Cycles

Rear wheels for Honda CB350s feature stainless steel spokes, new rim and new brake shoes.

Honda CB750 Shocks by EMGO

New Honda CB750 shock absorbers have better damping and rebound control than their original counterparts.

Vintage Motorcycle Mechanic Toolbox by Busted Knuckle Garage

Durable Vintage Motorcycle Mechanic Toolbox features all-steel construction.

Cable Luber V3 by Motion Pro

The Cable Luber V3 lube tool does a better job of sealing completely around cables and preventing a mess.

G3-S Shock Absorbers by Race Tech

Check out high-performance Race Tech G3-S shock absorbers for your racer or custom motorcycle.

Lithium-Ion Battery Friendly Voltage Regulators by Rick’s Motorsport Electrics

Developed with Ballistic Performance Components, new voltage regulator/rectifiers feature a lower voltage set point for longer life in lithium-ion batteries.

WolfPack Navigation Aid

Useful navigation aid shows the location of every rider in a group and allows for easy communication.

Honda CB900 Replica Headlight by EMGO

An updated version of the Honda CB900 replica headlight is now DOT compliant.

Honda CBX Wiring Harness by Randakk’s Cycle Shakk

New wiring harnesses for classic Hondas are accurate reproductions of the originals.

Albion Shock Absorbers by Ikon Suspension

Designed with a vintage look for older British bikes, Ikon’s Albion shock absorbers provide performance far superior to older shocks.

SnapJack V2 by Tirox Products

The SnapJack V2 is useful for getting your rear wheel off the ground for chain and wheel maintenance quickly and easily.

Float Pin Remover by Randakk’s Cycle Shakk

Owners of older Japanese motorcycles might want to take a look at a tool designed to remove float pins more safely.

MOTOAUCT Vintage Motorcycle Auction Site

New auction site MOTOAUCT offers buyers and sellers of old bikes an easier way to find and sell.

Brass-Bladed Gasket Scraper by Motion Pro

This gasket scraper is ideal for aluminum surfaces and features an ergonomic handle.

Kawasaki H2 Chamber Exhaust System by Z1 Parts

New chamber exhaust system for the H2 was developed with the help of racer Tony Nicosia.

Tirox 360 Degree Chain Brush

Better than using a normal brush, the Tirox 360 Degree Chain Brush is still simple and surprisingly effective.

Ready-Balance Tubes by Counteract

The Ready-Balance tubes come with Counteract Balancing Beads, without the need for wheel weights.

Tool Roll by Fox Creek Leather

The new tool roll comes in two versions and fits easily inside a tank bag or saddle bag.

Portable Parts Washer by BikeMaster

This parts washer is safe, convenient, and comes with a flexible spout and 32-inch hose.

Sport Lite Shocks by Gazi Suspension

High-quality Sport Lite shocks feature rebound adjustment and adjustable ride height and spring reload.

Tensioning Tool by Chain Monkey

Simple to use, Chain Monkey’s tensioning tool ensures correct adjustment of final drive chains.

Honda SL/XL Reproduction Exhaust System

Exhaust system for Honda SL100, SL125 and XL100 motorcycles includes a chrome muffler guard and boot guard on the header pipe.

10S Headset by SENA Technologies

The 10S headset by SENA Technologies features a 1-mile range and capability to connect to three other devices.

Honda Brake Conversion Kit by Dime City Cycles

New brake conversion kit helps eliminate unintended braking and brake rod pull.

Arctic Grip Heaters by Aerostich

If you’re looking to ride into the colder months, consider the Arctic Grip Heaters, which fit in between the handlebar and grips.

Tommaselli Clip-On Handlebars

Tommaselli handlebars stocked by Stein-Dinse are available in a wide range of sizes to fit different fork tube diameters.

Honda CB750 Reproduction Starter Clutches by Motorcycle Yamiya

New CB750 starter clutches offer owners of K series CB750s an alternative to buying used parts.

Carbmate Carburetor Synchronizer by MG Cycle

Carbmate carburetor and throttle body synchronizer shows relative intake vacuum on each cylinder.

NUVIZ Head-Up Helmet Display

NUVIZ Head-Up Display features a built-in HD camera for still photographs and video.

Moto Guzzi Alternator Conversion Kit by Scrambler Cycle

Alternator to conversion kit for Moto Guzzi motorcycles caters to those looking for better output and reliability.

Big-Bore Yamaha XS650 Cylinder and Piston Kit by Mikes XS

The Yamaha XS650 cylinder and piston kit features larger cooling fins and enhanced piston cooling.

Electronic Ignition for Triumph and BSA Triples by Tri-Spark

New electronic ignition for vintage triples offer easier starting and smoother idle.

Basix Shocks by Ikon Suspension

Designed for riders on a budget, Basix shocks feature fixed-rate damping with 3-position adjustable preload.

Wire Splicing Connectors by WAGO

WAGO splicing connectors provide a simple and secure means for splicing up to five solid or stranded wires.

GEN II Amazing Grips by Randakk's Cycle Shakk

The GEN II Amazing Grips are designed to offer resilience without being mush.

Smart Turn System Signal-Cancelling Device

The Smart Turn System protects motorcyclists by sensing when they’ve completed a turn and automatically cancelling turn signals.

Handlebar Mount by Adaptiv Technologies

Put your GPS device or smartphone where it’ll be easily accessible and safe with the Adaptiv Handlebar Mount.

Custom Motorcycle Cables by Barnett Clutches & Cables

Quality motorcycle cables can be made for any motorcycle at a reasonable price.

Stud Removal and Installation Set by BikeMaster

Stud removal and installation tools won’t damage threads and make it easy to torque studs.

Handlebar Switchgear by HVCcycle

Replacement handlebar switchgear are an excellent option for hard-to-find OEM switches.

Whisperlite Universal Stove by Aerostich

The Whisperlite Universal Stove can burn several types of fuel, letting you use your bike as a mobile fuel supply.

Motorcycle Maps by Butler Motorcycle Maps

Butler motorcycle maps are waterproof and include detailed descriptions of routes.

Norton Manx Featherbed Frames by Legendary Motorcycles

Replica featherbed frames are lighter and stronger than the original frames.

BMW Airhead Ignition Upgrade by Euro MotoElectrics

Replacement digital BMW airhead ignition systems provide full spark even with low battery voltage.

Vapor Blasting by Clean Machine Blasting

Unlike standard media blasting, vapor blasting won’t alter the look of aluminum.

Drum Brake Tuning by Race Tech

This drum brake tuning service is a must for anyone looking for superior braking.

Racing Transponder Battery Service by Mueller & Sons Toy Company

AHRMA racers have a new option for the battery replacement for their racing transponders.

Diablo Pro Tank Bag by Giant Loop

The 4-liter Diablo Pro Tank Bag features an integrated harness and electronics slots.

Tang-Thru Screwdriver Set by Vessel

To avoid stripping Japanese Industrial Standard screws, use Tang-Thru drivers.

Liftstick by BikeMaster

Non-slip rubber support on the Liftstick won't damage your motorcycle's swingarm.

Strap Ring by Canyon Dancer

Break tested to 2,000 pounds each, the Strap Ring can be attached anywhere there’s an 8mm bolt.

StopTix LED Taillight Bulb by MechOptix

New LED taillight bulb recharges in three seconds when the brakes are applied.

Skat Cat 40 Blast Cabinet by TP Tools

The Skat Cat 40 features an interior big enough to accept some frames and includes a HEPA vacuum.

Weego Introduces New Jump Starters at AIMExpo

Weego follows successful launch of Weego Jump Starter 44 by with three new portable jump starters.

Honda GL1000 Cold Start Carburetor Priming Valve Circuit by Pistol Pete's

Pistol Pete's has developed a CSCPV for Honda GL100s and GL1100s that sit for extended periods of time.

Spinner T-Handle Drivers by Motion Pro

These T-handle drivers are great for starting awkwardly angled nuts or bolts.

Norton Commando Exhaust Header Pipes by EMGO

EMGO offers replacement exhaust pipes that fit 1970-1973 750 Commando Roadsters and 1973-1975 850 Commandos.

12-Volt Alternators for Old Brits by Alton

Alton provides 12-volt alternators for British singles and twins to replace the original 6-volt alternators.

Triumph T160 Primary Chain Conversion by Classic-Triumph

Primary chain conversion kit for Triumph T160s has a new hub that has been designed to give longer cush-drive rubber life.

Motorcycle Garage Dolly by Condor Products

Made of lightweight aluminum, the Motorcycle Garage Dolly makes moving motorcycles easy.

Hydraulic Clutch Conversions by Magura

These hydraulic clutch conversions are available in a variety of configurations.

Honda Starters by Rick's Motorsports Electrics

Replacement Honda starters provide better starter performance than the original, which has long been discontinued.

Front Brake Rotors by Sirius Consolidated

Replica front brake rotors for Honda CB750 fours and CB450 twins are better than the original.

BMW Fork Tubes by EMGO

Vintage BMW fork tubes fit most 1969-1980 R models.

Motorcycle Seats and Seat Covers

Time and weather will eventually wear out your seat. You have options, depending on what needs to be replaced.

Icon 1000 Navigator Portfolio — Vintage Styling, Modern Function

Fashionable and durable, the Icon 1000 Navigator Portfolio is a great way to store your important documents and tools.

Joker Machine Tachometer Plug for CB750 and Other Hondas

Install this tachometer plug on your Honda and fill that unsightly tachometer hole where the cable would normally go.

Oil Eater Cleaner and Degreaser by KAFKO International

Water-based Oil Eater dissolves grease and oil on engines and other equipment safely.

Amal GP Carburetor Adapters by Baxter Cycle

Amal carburetor adapters allow riders to run Amal 932 carbs in place of the original Amal GP carbs used on Manx Nortons, BSA Gold Stars and other vintage bikes.

Tire Pressure Monitor System by RRR Tool Solutions

Tire pressure monitor system uses sensors mounted on the inside of tubeless tire rims.

Chain Lubrication Products from Spectro Performance Oils

Clean and extend the life of your motorcycle chain with Spectro chain lubrication and wax products.

Handlebar Tie-Down Clamps by PSR Performance Motorcycle Products

New handlebar clamps from PSR attach securely to any 7/8-inch grip handlebars.

Gunfighter Seat for Yamahas by Corbin

The Gunfighter seat is ergonomically shaped and provides excellent support.

Triumph Ignition Switch Bracket and Plug by Joker Machine

Ignition relocation bracket moves the ignition switch to either side of the frame.

Electronic Ignition Kit by Charlie's Place

New electronic ignition kit for Honda little twins replaces the standard breaker points and condenser units.

Yamaha DT250, DT360 and DT400 Throttle Cable by HVCcycle

New reproduction throttle cable for Yamaha DT250 and other DT series bikes is now available.

Honda Fuel Petcocks by Dime City Cycles

Reproduction fuel petcocks for a wide variety of vintage Hondas from 1965-1981 fit and flow like the originals.

Valve Stem Extension by Big Bike Parts

If you have hard-to-reach valve stems on your bike, consider this valve stem extension with a 90-degree lock-on fitting.

Motorcycle Detail Kit by Wizards Products

Nine-piece motorcycle detail kit includes spray detailer, bug remover and kickstand pad.

Degree Wheel by Motion Pro

If you need an easy way to check and set ignition or cam timing, this degree wheel is for you.

MX Front Fenders by Preston Petty Product

MX Front Fenders will be available at the York Swap Meet in York, Pennsylvania, on Jan. 17, 2016.

Inflatable Motorcycle Cover by CarCapsule

Protective motorcycle cover features Evaporative Storage System technology that filters and exchanges air several times an hour.

Honda Handlebar Switch by EMGO

Handlebar switch replica for mid-1970s Honda CB550K and 750K fours plugs right into the stock wiring harness.

Harley-Davidson Engines by S&S Cycle

Clone Harley-Davidson engines are available to fit stock, era-correct frames.

6 Great Tank Bags to Carry Your Stuff

With clear pockets for your cellphone and GPS device and other useful features, here are six tank bags that might be a good fit for your bike.

Lockstraps Locking Tie-Downs

If you're looking for an extra layer of protection against theft that's strong and versatile, Lockstraps might be worth checking out.

Adjustable Brake and Clutch Levers for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

New Anthem and Journey levers by PSR are adjustable and are available for most Harley-Davidson bikes, including the 2016 models.

Honda CBX SuperBraces from Randakk's

Randakk's is now the exclusive supplier of SuperBrace fork braces, which address the weak front suspension performance on vintage Hondas.

Yamaha RD400F Daytona Reproduction Seat by HVCcycle

These Yamaha Daytona reproduction seats have been painstakingly made to look like the originals by the pros at HVCcycle.

Reproduction Yamaha Crank Shaft Pins by HVCcycle

New reproduction crank shaft pins are no longer available from Yamaha and are available in limited quantities.

Steering Head Puller by Motion Pro

Steering head puller eliminates the risk of frame damage and won't damage seal surfaces.

Yamaha RZ350 Reproduction Wiring Harness by HVCcycle

New reproduction wiring harnesses for Yamaha RZ350 2-strokes are available in limited quantities.

Moto Guzzi Gas Cap Holder

Gas cap holder for Moto Guzzi Eldorado police bikes solves the problem of where to put your gas cap when filling up.

BMW Shocks by Ikon Suspension

These BMW shocks give vintage BMW owners modern performance with a period-correct look.

Cool Custom Café Seats by Biltwell

Biltwell offers more than just helmets like these custom café seats.

Traction Pads by Stompgrip

These high-quality traction pads can be put on gas tanks to provide a traction point for legs or knees.

Ducati and MV Agusta Chain Adjustment Wrench

Dennis Stubblefield Sales has introduced a chain adjustment wrench with an added function.

New Stators for Honda Gold Wings

Randakk's Cycle Shakk is now offering an OEM stator replacement for Honda Gold Wings, including the GL1000, GL1100 and GL1200 models.

Moto Guzzi Transmission Shift Linkage by The Guzzi Doctor

Replacement transmission shift linkage eliminates shifting problems in 1970s Tonti-framed Moto Guzzi twins.

Bearing Driver Set by Motion Pro

Excellent bearing driver set made of anodized aluminum won’t damage surfaces.

GEN II Amazing Grips by Randakk’s Cycle Shakk

These handlebar grips by Randakk’s Cycle Shakk are super comfortable and provide great feedback without fatigue.

12-Volt Power Supply by Ballistic Performance Components

Ballistic Performance Components makes the smallest power supply we’ve seen.

Yamaha 2-Stroke Leak-Down Tester

HVCcycle is offering a new leak-down test kit for your old Yamaha RD motorcycle.

Handlebar Remote from Sena

If you must use a phone while riding, consider this Handlebar Remote with Bluetooth technology.

Torque Wrench Adapter

Motion Pro’s torque wrench adapter is a must for torquing hard-to-reach nuts and bolts.

Can-Am Spyder RT Cowl and Trunk Bra Set

The Can-Am Spyder RT Cowl and Trunk Bra Set is expanding to include 2010-13 models.

No Fume Fuel Draining

This quick coupler makes winter fuel draining easy and eliminates spills.

Triumph Twin Outrigger Bearing

Britech New England offering outrigger bearing for Triumph Bonneville twins.

Summit Racing Equipment Expands Product Lineup with Phoenix Systems’ BrakeShot

Phoenix Systems has announced that Summit Racing Equipment has picked up BrakeShot Brake Fluid Enhancer.

Vintage Streetbike Traction Kit Available from Stompgrip

New traction kit is the first in a vintage line targeted towards customers riding classic motorcycles and newer bikes with heritage styling.

Honda Side Covers

Marbles Motors offering reproduction plastic side covers for most of Honda’s SL line of dirt bikes.

ClampTite Clamp Maker

Make your own stainless steel wire clamps on the fly with a clamp maker.

Fuel Petcocks for Vintage Japanese Motorcycles from HVCcycle

HVCcycle offering petcocks and petcock reseal kits for Japanese bikes.

Yamaha Oil Pump Kits

Oil pump kits for 2-stroke Yamaha engines now available.

GB30 Genius Boost Portable Charger

The GB30 Genius Boost can deliver power to a weak motorcycle battery and charge cellphones and other electronics.

Disc Brake Lock by Abus

The Abus Detecto 7000 RS1 disc brake lock will make thieves think twice about trying to steal your bike.

Motion Pro Coolant Recovery Tank

Motorcycle tool specialist Motion Pro now has available a universal coolant recovery tank.

Top Boxes by Dold Industries

Dold Industries is now offering a top box that attaches to the L-Bracket System used on some Nortons and hundreds of other vintage bikes.

Norton Luggage Rack

Motorcycle Classics’ tech expert Keith Fellenstein tells a reader where he might find a Norton luggage rack.

Comprehensive Tool Kit by RRR Tool Solutions

New stuff for old bikes: Comprehensive tool kit for unexpected repairs on the side of the road.

Impact Screwdriver by Vessel Tools

New stuff for old bikes: The 980 Series Impacta screwdriver with Japanese Industrial Standard “Phillips” bits.

No-Mar Tire Changers is Going International

The home of scratch-proof tire changers and accessories is selling direct from Australia.

Valve Adjustment Tool by Dennis Stubblefield Sales

Two-piece valve adjustment tool for Triumph twins from Dennis Stubblefield Sales.

USWE Sports TX Rider Tool Belt

Check out the new USWE Sports TX Rider Tool Belt from LeoVince USA.

EMGO Steel Gas Tanks

EMGO Steel Gas Tanks for Norton Commandos.

Vintage Bike Parts: TDC Tool

Find top-dead-center easily with the TDC Tool from Steadfast Cycles.

Continental Dominant in Classic Racing the World Over

Continental’s Road Attack 2 Classic Race tires offer racers a modern high-performance tire in sizes suitable for classic machines.

Hydraulic Brake Line Kits by Spiegler Performance Parts

Vintage black hydraulic brake line kits from Spiegler Performance Parts.

Electronic Gauges from Smiths Gauges USA

Electronic speedometers and tachometers for vintage British motorcycles from Smiths Gauges USA.

Sudco Replacement Parts and Fasteners for Classic Japanese Motorcycles

Sudco International offers an extensive product line of new original and replica replacement parts for classic Japanese motorcycles including Replacement Fittings and Fasteners, Head Studs, Bearings, Seals, Gasket Sets, Valve Train Components, Rod and Piston Assemblies, Electrical Components.

Motion Pro ForkTru

Motion Pro’s ForkTru tool makes for easy fork alignment.

OTC Tools: Master Bushing Drive Set

The Master Bushing Drive Set from OTC tools is just what you need to remove and install metric or standard bushings.

Randakk Master Carb Overhaul Kit

The Randakk Master Carb Overhaul Kit for a 1982-1983 Honda FT500.

Motion Pro Rimshield II

The Rimshield II by Motion Pro is made of Dupont Zytel nylon and prevents wheel damage during tire changes.

Continental Tire Announces the New Trail Attack 2

The release of the new Trail Attack 2 further reinforces Continental’s intention to be at the forefront of performance tire technology.


New stuff for old bikes: Grease Ninja is a better way to lube your drive chain.

Spoke Torque Wrench

New stuff for old bikes: Spoke torque wrench from OTC Tools.

Mikuni Carb for Honda CX500

New stuff for old bikes: Mikuni carb conversion kits for Honda CX500s.

Bob's Wrist Rest

New stuff for old bikes: Bob’s Wrist Rest from Bob’s BMW.

Mini Bleeder

New stuff for old bikes: Mini Bleeder from Motion Pro.

Continental Tires for Classic Bikes: ContiClassicAttack

New stuff for old bikes: The ContiClassicAttack from Continental Tires are street radial tires for classic bikes.

Norton Electric Starter Conversion Kit

New stuff for old bikes: Electric starter conversion kit for pre-MkIII Norton Commandos.

Hagon Adjustable Shocks

New stuff for old bikes: Adjustable shocks from Hagon Shocks.

BikeMaster Swaging Kit

New stuff for old bikes: Fuel and oil line swaging kit from BikeMaster.

Vessel Japanese Motorcycle Repair & Restoration Set

 If you’re stripping screws using a Phillip tip screwdriver, then chances are it may be a “JIS” (Japanese Industrial Standard) screw, so you’ll need a Japanese cross-point screwdriver for the job!  

Kenda USA RetroActive Tire Line

New stuff for old bikes: Kenda’s new RetroActive tire line features sizes tailored for vintage motorcycles. 

Tire Bead Breaker from Motion Pro

New stuff for old bikes: Motion Pro’s BeadPro tool set is the perfect tire bead breaker for the shop or on the road. 

Honda GL Cam Belt Cover from Randakk's

New stuff for old bikes: Klim Technical Riding Gear is great for offroad riding in extreme conditions.

Lockitt Grip-Lock

New stuff for old bikes: Lockitt Grip-Lock. 

Yamaha Singles Damping Rod Tool

New stuff for old bikes: Damping rod tool for Yamaha singles from Dennis Stubblefield Sales. 

Regina Chains

New stuff for old bikes: Regina chains

Andover Norton Commando Replacement Gearboxes

New stuff for old bikes: Andover Norton Replacement Gearboxes

M.A.P. Triumph Belt Drive Conversion Kit

New stuff for old bikes: M.A.P. Cycle Triumph Belt Drive Conversion Kit

BikeMaster Brake Fluid Tester

New stuff for old bikes: BikeMaster Brake Fluid Tester

Pit Posse Motorsports Leak Down Tester

New stuff for old bikes: Pit Posse Motorsports Leak Down Tester

How to keep your helmet clean – a reader’s tip

Here's a helpful hint from Heloise’s illegitimate brother on how to really clean hair oil from your permanent helmet liner.

Silkolene PRO CHAIN Full Synthetic Chain Lubricant

PRO CHAIN is a fully synthetic chain lube incorporating a micronized laminar solid lubricant which, combined with advanced synthetics, gives outstanding lubrication performance.

Check out the Black Widow Motorcycle Wheel Balancer

The Black Widow Motorcycle Wheel Balancer BW-WB-03 is a great addition to any shop or garage for quick and convenient static wheel balancing.

No Garage? The CycleShell Provides Maximum Outdoor Protection for Your Bike

Boulder, Colorado-based Omnitrend, Inc. is the manufacturer of the CycleShell®, a collapsible shelter designed for outdoor motorcycle protection and storage.  Motorcycle owners have found that the CycleShell® enclosure is a practical way to provide maximum outdoor protection for their bikes. The CycleShell® enclosure requires no assembly, opens and closes in seconds, and can easily be moved to different locations.  

Givi's new BSS Monokey & Monolock Trunk for 2011

  Givi has announced the all new stylish B33 Monokey and Monolock series top trunks.  

Classic Motorcycle Pistons and 5 More Cool Finds

Featherbed Swingarms, Gazi Suspension and a AGV K3 Full-face are just a few cool finds for classic bike fans.

Leather Therapy

Leather Therapy products have an established history with proven results.

Silkolene Pro-Prep² Hard Surface Coating

Silkolene Pro-Prep is a high quality, hard surface coating especially formulated for motorcycles

Lockstraps Launches All-New Third Generation Locking Tie Down Straps

Lockstraps locking tie downs have introduced the all-new third genration

Ten Great Motorcycle Gadgets for the Road

Whether you need a radar detector or a GPS unit, we've scouted around and found ten motorcycle gadgets very much designed with two-wheeled vehicles.  

Classic Motorcycle Shock Absorbers and More Cool Finds

From classic motorcycle shock absorbers to fiberglass motorcycle fairings, here are six cool products every classic motorcycle fan needs to know about.

Nine Café Racer Parts and Pieces

Here are nine reviews of café racer parts and pieces from the editors at Motorcycle Classics.

Cardo Systems Audio Kit for Half-Helmets

Cardo Systems, Inc., the market leader in wireless Bluetooth communications for helmet headsets, has just released a new audio and microphone kit for half-helmets.

11 Ways to Upgrade Your Classic Motorcycle

From motorcycle carb kits to new motorcycle tires, there are plenty of parts available to upgrade your classic motorcycle.

Motorcycle Cleaners and More Cool Finds

From quality motorcycle cleaners to cool motorcycle trailers, here are six cool products every classic motorcycle fan needs to know about.

Muc-Off Line of Motorcycle Care Products Comes to the U.S.

Muc-Off, the intriguingly-named line of high-quality “adrenaline-fueled” ATV and motorcycle care products from the U.K. is now available in the United States.

Aerostich CO2 Power Kit

No matter where you are, this compact, lightweight kit gives you air. Five threaded 16 gram CO2 cartridges, a control valve and a 3.5" flexible valve adapter hose, all store neatly inside a 5"x5" nylon envelope bag. Enough air to refill a flat tire or anything else that requires inflation on the road or around camp. 5"x5", 12 oz. The complete kit is $24.00. More information and other cool products such as the legendary Aerostich Roadcrafter riding suit can be found on the Aerostich website.

Adaptiv Technologies Motorcycle Accessory Mount

Adapativ Technologies announces the launch of seven new varieties of the AdaptivMount motorcycle accessory mount.

10 Motorcycle Tools You Need

Ten motorcycle tools you need in your toolbox.

New Stuff for Old Motorcycles

From Triumph cylinder kits to Arai’s latest helmet, these are six cool products every classic bike fan needs to know about.

10 Garage Gadgets for Your Motorcycle

Ten great gadgets for the motorcycle garage.

Ten Essential Motorcycle Tools

Ten essential motorcycle tools you should never be without, from tire irons to a magnetic parts dish

Eight Motorcycle Tools for Road and Shop

Eight tools to help keep your motorcyle finely tuned.

An easy way to ruin your wheels

Are you using soapy water to mount and dismount your tires?

Ten Products for Winter Storage of Your Classic Motorcycle

Prepare your classic motorcycle for proper winter storage with these ten products

The sound and the fury: celebrate the machines that changed the world!

Motorcycle Classics JulAug 16Motorcycle Classics is America's premier magazine for collectors and enthusiasts, dreamers and restorers, newcomers and life long motorheads who love the sound and the beauty of classic bikes. Every issue  delivers exciting and evocative articles and photographs of the most brilliant, unusual and popular motorcycles ever made!

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